Dhyana Yoga Studio was founded in 2017 to offer a relaxed space to practice Yoga, free from the stress and intimidation that can pop up during a busy Yoga class. The small studio room only fits 6 mats, offering students very focused teaching with guided assisting and hands on alignment. The space is warmed with radiant heat (between 28° and 35°), drawn down from thermal ceiling panels. This allows students to deepen their practice through the warmth in the body. 

Founder & Principal Teacher

Eliza's Yoga journey began in 2009 with Ashtanga Yoga at Twisting Fish in WA. Being lonely in a new city, Eliza began to explore alternatives for wellbeing and anxiety relief. Yoga became her solution for both, and she has maintained a dedicated practice ever since. Following the birth of her son at the beginning of 2015, Eliza decided to re-align her career path with the healthy, active lifestyle she has always been drawn to. 

In her classes you will be offered an understanding of breath (Prana) combined with body movement and how the connection of both increases strength, opening and releases physical and mental tension.
Eliza aims for students to develop their own unique connection to Yoga practice, providing them with the same tools she has found so powerful on her own journey. 

Eliza has always been passionate about creative movement. She studied ballet for 13 Years with Anita Coutts in Ballarat and has been practicing Yoga since 2009. She completed her Yoga teacher training at Power Living in Melbourne, with a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Focus, and more recently trained with Yin Yoga founder Sarah Powers.